Your Guide to Creating the Perfect Work Environment

Pressure or stress from work, school, and social activities are among the common causes of low productivity. Others include multitasking, toxic workplace behavior (like bullying), and poor management.

As you already know, working under stressful conditions will impact you negatively and zap energy from you. Thus, leaving you exhausted, less focused, and not motivated towards getting anything done.

Speaking of stressful working conditions, did you know that the nature of your work environment affects your productivity level? It does!

Job-related anxieties are arguably the leading causes of low productivity. Stress and anxiety reduce concentration and hinder you from utilizing the most of your time.

How Do You Reduce Workplace Stress?

Having highlighted the causes of low productivity and how they affect workers' morale and health, let's see how you can reduce workplace stress.

Interestingly, the solution lies in the power of our five senses — Sight, Smell, Sound, Touch, and, of course, Taste.

You would probably be wondering how this works? We have got that all figured out. Read on.


You wouldn't like to work in an environment laden with bad smell or allergens that will make you uncomfortable.

Air pollutants such as dust, the smell from paint in the building, or the toilet soap could be why you can't focus at work. This is because our sense of smell is incredibly powerful, and it reacts to slight changes in the air we breathe.

Besides keeping the workplace clean, you can use the scents from essential oils to remove bad smells and boost productivity. The scents from essential oils like peppermint, lavender, and cypress also have refreshing properties. Thus, making them useful for reducing stress and anxiety. Essential oil diffusers will come in handy for this.


Working in a cluttered space has a negative impact on focus and concentration. It makes the brain struggle for mental clarity and also increases anxiety levels.

You could consider adorning your workplace with artworks or bring nature into your space. Plants are therapeutic and are known to purify the air by absorbing toxins.

Air-purifying plants like Dracaenas, Golden pothos, Areca palms, and others hemp remove harmful gases like carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, xylene, among other toxins from the air. Consequently, increasing mood and productivity, reducing stress and fatigue, and enhancing memory and concentration.

Then there is the issue of light. You should introduce more natural light into the workplace and reduce glare as much as possible. It would also help if you incorporate more calming colors in your décor or use colored light in shades of blue and green that promote concentration and relaxation.


Only a handful of people can maintain concentration in a noisy environment. If your workplace is located close to busy roads and traffic, you should control the noise. Soundproof headphones and sound masking technology can help you cut off noise. Nature music, themed music, classic and epic music can also help restore your focus.


You had probably been wondering what your sense of touch has to do with workplace productivity. For instance, items like your chairs made of plastic and metals tend to reflect or amplify more sound than wood.

While metals and cold and uncomfortable, wood offers comfort, and the texture has a calming effect, you are less likely to experience back pain with wooden seats. All of these shows that natural materials like wood can increase productivity.


While the sense of taste seems unrelated to the workplace, you would agree that we often drink and eat at the workplace. Instead of caffeinated drinks, try herbal tea, honey water and decaf coffee to keep your energy levels high throughout the day. Instead of snacks with high sugar, chew on some cashew nuts and dried fruits for a healthy and long-lasting mix. 

Using Aromeo Sense to Improve Productivity

Having highlighted how all five senses impact productivity. You would agree that coordination of our five senses can increase productivity.

Aromeo sense is a revolutionary device that can help you reduce stress, maintain focus, and increase wellness by stimulating your senses (smell, sight, and sound). It has focus and relaxation modules that help you clear your mind and maintain concentration.

Aromeo sense also treats you to soothing music and gentle bursts of calming scents and lights display. Thus, making it a compact and complete meditation and relaxation companion suitable for both home and offices.

You are welcome to check out the Aromeo sense website for more fascinating features.

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