What is Multi-Sensory Therapy

The idea of providing soothing or energizing multi-sensory treatment has been used to treat dementia patients and children with developmental challenges. The multi-sensory treatment is used to stimulate the brains and imaginations of the patients, and research has been observed to relieve stress, anxiety, and pain while positively encouraging the patient’s drive and motivation. 

Where and How It’s Used

Apart from dementia care, multi-sensory stimulation is now used to help adults with learning disabilities, children with special needs, pediatrics and maternity care, adult psychiatry, stroke/brain injury and management of chronic pain. 

Multi-sensory stimulation is currently given in the form of a specialized room with different equipment. Such a room is called sensory room, or “Snoezelen”, a concept coined by Dutch therapists who created a multi-sensory room for children with developmental challenges. 

sensory room airport uk

Picture of sensory room that is to be built at a Airport in UK to help travelers relax
(Image from International Airport Review)


As used in dementia care, multi-sensory stimulation has been observed to increase happiness, enjoyment and relaxation. It also reduces sadness and fear, as well as increases attentiveness and communication skills. In elderly homes, the stimulation also reduces disturbed behavior and improves staff morale.  

When used to address learning disabilities such as autism or  multi-sensory stimulation improves interaction and communication as well as adaptive behaviors. 

Moreover, multi-sensory therapy has also shown to reduce pain levels, depression, sleep disability and helps sufferers cope with pain. 


Years of study has shown that multi-sensory therapy is deeply personal. There is a set of simulations that an individual would find soothing, but another individual would find distressing. There is a need for a personalized multi-sensory therapy that can cater to individual needs. 

What if there is a device that can transform any room into a multi-sensory room? And it can be personalized based on every individual’s preferences? 

Our design and engineering team at Aromeo Diffuser has created Aromeo Sense, an IoT multi-sensory device to do just that. Read on to know more about Aromeo Sense’ multi-sensory technology. 

Aromeo’s 360° Multi-Sensory Technology


Aromeo Diffuser has created a personalized multi-sensory solution that can turn any room into a sensory room with one push of a button. This device is called Aromeo Sense. It features a Smart Essential Oils Diffuser, Astonishing Color and Animation Combinations, and a Mindfulness App that offers curated and themed music for different sessions.

With 3 easy-to-use preset modules, all you have to do is push the button and enjoy the multisensory experience. Choose from Sleep, Relax or Focus modules. 

Sleep module helps you to fall asleep naturally and wake up without nasty alarm sounds. The Relax module helps you to easily destress and recharge with guided breathing exercises. Focus module helps you to beat drowsiness and get into a great mood.This smart device comes with a custom app to help you control its different modules and functions — thus, giving you a personalized experience!

Learn more about Aromeo Sense at its website here.

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