Aromeo Diffuser

AROMEO Sense Basic Pack

$119.00 USD $166.60 USD

The current batch is expected to be finished in March 2022.

Pre-order now and save 40% on this package, featuring 1 Aromeo Sense, 2 sets of Aromeo Pods Collection.

Transform your bedroom atmosphere  Sleep and Wake Up Easily

AROMEO Sense is an all-in-one wellness device that integrates aroma, light, and sound therapy. It adapts and transforms with your day to create different atmosphere in the same room. The pre-designed multi-sensory themes: sleep, wake-up are inspired by nature and science.

Transform your space into any atmosphere, and travel to exotic locations without leaving your room. AROMEO Sense can bring your senses on a journey to sleep under the starry sky, meditate by the blue sea, or get your creative juices flowing with a refreshing woody scent.

 Scent  Up to 2 AROMEO Scent Pods
 Light  32 Light LED Ring
 Music  Free from AROMEO App 
 Modes DAY & NIGHT
 Diffusion Method
Waterless, heatless air diffusion
 Scent Intensity 
Off/ Low/ Medium/ High
 Light Brightness
Off/ Low/ Medium/ High
 Customization, Scheduling
Free from AROMEO App
 No Status Mode* Yes
 Smart Home Integration Coming Soon
* All indicator lights will be off, no light pollution during your sleep!

AROMEO Sense Basic Pack:
・1  Aromeo Sense
2 sets of AROMEO Scent Pods (2 sets * 2 pods = 4 pods)
・Instruction Card
・User Manual
・Universal Plug and Cord

AROMEO Sense is designed to be used exclusively with AROMEO Scent Pods and AROMEO App.


Ø125 x 270mm / Ø4.9 x 10.6 in

Aroma Diffusion Range

30-45m2 / 320-480ft2 *


Input: AC 100-240V, 50-60hz, 0.8A

Output: DC 12V, 2A

Noise Level
~50 dB

Ships worldwide.
Current batch expected to be completed in March 2022.

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