Our Journey (So Far)

History of Miscato Limited, the company behind Aromeo Diffuser, the leading provider of Smart Aromatherapy Solutions and Multi Sensory Technology Aromatherapy Workshops for Corporate Wellness.

Miscato Limited was founded by two HKUST students Michelle and Laurel Man Kwei Wong on 15 May 2015 as a business that delivers wellness to all layers of the society, through the handmade aromatherapy corporate gifts and classes. More than 2000 gifts and 350 students later, Laurel decided to pursue her interest in banking after graduation, while Michelle decided to put Miscato for a rest in search for a more scalable business.

One year later, when Michelle was using her humidifying aroma diffuser at home while reading a book, she realized that it was not intuitive to put down her book and stop her activity, just to swap the aroma in the aroma diffuser or add more water into the diffuser. That moment the idea for Aromeo Smart Aroma Diffuser was born - because there had to be a better way to integrate technology into aroma living.

In August 2016, through a program named Global Product Development hosted by HKUST, Seoul National University, Beihang University and Tsinghua University, the idea was pitched, a team of engineers and designer gathered to work on Aromeo Diffuser. In September 2017, after going through several rounds of prototyping and user research, Aromeo Diffuser secured a seed funding from HKX Tech Startup Platform. In March 2018, Aromeo Diffuser became part of Orange Fab Accelerator Program, in June 2018 Aromeo Diffuser also officially became the Incubatee of Cyberport Incubation Program.

As of February 2018, the co-founding team of Aromeo Diffuser includes Michelle, Kim Mingyu, Park Myungsun, Yang Tiannan, Lee Nayeon, and Winnie Suk Wai Leung. Aromeo Diffuser has won numerous awards, including Sino-HKUST One Million Dollar Entrepreneurship Competition GF Securities Gold Award, Nan Fung Smart City Award, Fosun Happiness Ecosystem Award, among others.

Currently Aromeo is headquartered at HKX Tech office in Kwun Tong, with 4 full-time staff. Aromeo now offers Smart Aromatherapy Solutions for hospitality guest experience, and Multi Sensory Technology Aromatherapy Workshops for corporate wellness. Aromeo has partnered with numerous hotels and property developers across Asia for the testing and launch of its services.

Michelle Fno is a founder of Miscato Limited, a Hong Kong based company that offers Aromeo Diffuser (Smart Aroma Diffuser for Room Hospitality) and Aromeo Corporate Wellness Workshops (workshops for corporate clients with the main area in aromatherapy). She has been working in the wellness industry particularly in aromatherapy and organic skincare for the last 5 years, with strong focus of innovating in the wellness industry and finding new ways to deliver wellness using technology. As a trained Industrial Engineer and Teaching Assistant in Integrated Systems Design at HKUST, she uses various methodologies to discover and solve customer needs.

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