"What kind of essential oil should I choose?" - Aromeo Consultation

A phonecall came this morning from a client who recently fell in love with aromatherapy. As it's the client's first time using aromatherapy, he only knows that essential oil smells nice. But is it safe? Which one should I choose? Where should I use it?

Here is point number one :Essential oil can be used as a form of therapy for wellness. Evidence can be found here, here and here.

Now comes the second point most beginners won't know:
> Different essential oils have different benefits, so you cannot use the same essential oil for all purposes!

Some common locations and recommended essential oil:

  • For your bedroom/spa, to relax, Jasmine and Lavender would be good.
  • For after gym/for study room or office, to refresh and uplift, Peppermint and Lemon would be recommended.
  • For meal time/kitchen/restaurant, to appetize, Citruses would be able to help.
  • For receptionist/customer service, to give the happy vibes, Orange is recommended.

In conclusion, if you use an essential oil for all times and all locations, it's not the best idea. For example, using lavender is great for bedroom, but if you use it in your office, then it would just make you sleepy. It is best if you consider location and the mood you wish to achieve, and find what essential oil would fit your needs. - Michelle

Michelle Fno is a founder of Miscato Limited, a Hong Kong based company that offers Aromeo Diffuser (Smart Aroma Diffuser for Room Hospitality) and Aromeo Corporate Wellness Workshops (workshops for corporate clients with the main area in aromatherapy). She has been working in the wellness industry particularly in aromatherapy and organic skincare for the last 5 years, with strong focus of innovating in the wellness industry and finding new ways to deliver wellness using technology. As a trained Industrial Engineer and Teaching Assistant in Integrated Systems Design at HKUST, she uses various methodologies to discover and solve customer needs.

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