[FREE VISION BOARD] Create and Keep Your New Year Resolutions, Part 2/3

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How was your experience with Step 1, Reflect? If you haven't read the first part of this series where I talked about reflecting on 2019, click here. If you have done the exercise, I'm sure it brought back precious memories and lessons you picked up in 1 year. Now that we are finished with reflections, let's move on to dream together.

Part 2: Dream

It is important to dream big and not to worry too much about details at this stage. In this part of the series, we will dream as big as possible, and the next part is where we focus on using actionable metrics to execute our dreams into reality.

For 2020, try to envision your dream life. Where are you living? What kind of place do you go to every day? What do you do there? Who do you spend time with every day? Do you look happy and fulfilled?

If you're like me, you want to be more visual when you dream, and I recommend you to make a vision board of your dream life in 2020. These are vision boards I created for myself:

Aromeo Diffuser Vision Board
Aromeo Diffuser Vision Board

To make your own vision board, start from the answers you wrote in Reflect stage. Increase the frequency and quality of things that create happiness in your life, for example keep going to yoga as it makes you healthier, meet your friends once a week as it helps you feel connected. You can refer to the guide below to get you started with your vision board (1 board for each section):

Body & Mind

  • From your reflection, which activities help you have stronger body and mind? Include those in your vision board
  • Include aspirations you wanted to do in 2019 but have not done (for example, cooking your own food, or joining meditation classes)


  • Look at your reflection, who and what made you happy? How can you have more quality time with people who make you happy?
  • How can you go deeper into the activities that create joy in your life?
  • What are exciting things you want to try?


  • How can you make the place you live more inspiring?
  • What details can you add to make the spaces you go to (for example, your office, bedroom, bathroom etc) more uplifting?


  • Assume you will succeed in everything you do, then what will you take a chance on in 2020?
  • How will you give back to the world?
  • What kind of impact do you want to give to the world?

Tools you can use to make vision board: use Pinterest, Canva, or simply print images and collect them somewhere that can be easily seen. The point is to surround you with your vision board, either as your screensaver, wallpaper, or send it to friends/family so you can talk about it and get excited together.

Your Free Vision Board:

Download this template to fill it with inspirational images and descriptions of your dream life in 2020.

Aromeo Diffuser Vision Board Template

In the next post, we will go through HOW to turn this vision board into reality. Stay tuned!

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Hi! I'm Michelle, founder of Miscato Limited (Aromeo Diffuser), a wellness technology company. I'm from Indonesia and currently living in Hong Kong. Contact me any time for topics related to wellness, personal care and mental health. I'm always interested to exchange ideas and meet new people :)

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