[FREE Printable] Create and Keep Your New Year Resolutions, Part 1/3

As the decade is ending, many of us are thinking about creating new year resolutions. Let's be honest, new year resolutions are TOUGH to keep, because it involves creating new habits. And new habits need persistence and discipline over a long period of time, which can be challenging once the 'honeymoon' phase is over. In a lot of cases we end up dragging ourselves to the gym or to eat healthy for a couple of weeks, before we give up.

Personally, my journaling hobby helps me to track my thoughts and choices, which are essential in forming new habits. I have found that things that I write down stay in my memory longer, and looking back at my journal pages from time to time help refresh my passion for my resolutions. In this article I will share in detail about how you can also create and keep New Year's resolutions using the art of journaling.

It is very important to actually write/type it instead of just making mental notes, so I suggest you to grab your journal/paper/note-taking device before you read on.

Part 1: Reflect

Go to your calendar, look for events you went to or milestones written on your calendar. And make some notes about what happened over the course of 1 year.

Here are some guiding questions that can get you started:

  • How would you describe your year in 1 word?
  • What new habits or interests developed in the last 1 year?
  • Who or what made your 2019 happier?
  • List 3 things you did well in your personal life
  • List 3 things you did well in your professional life
  • List 3 things you wish you could do better in your personal life
  • List 3 things you wish you could do better in your professional life

Here is a FREE printable worksheet you can use to complete Part 1:

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Hi! I'm Michelle, founder of Miscato Limited (Aromeo Diffuser), a wellness technology company. I'm from Indonesia and currently living in Hong Kong. Contact me any time for topics related to wellness, personal care and mental health. I'm always interested to exchange ideas and meet new people :)

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