Secret Garden Candles Set (3 x 3.5 oz)

$29.99 USD

AROMEO's Secret Garden Candles Set (3 candles) features vanilla, rose, and lavender candles. Scent your home with luscious flowers with this set. Each candle is made of 100% soy wax, 8% artisanal fragrance, and a crackling wood wick. Enjoy 24h of pure bliss with each candle.

  • Vanilla Candle (3.5 oz): A classic favorite, this candle will make your home warm and heavenly.

  • Rose Candle (3.5 oz): This candle is a celebration of roses that transports you to a blooming rose garden.

  • Lavender Candle (3.5 oz): This serene and soothing candle will surely melt your stress away.

100% SOY WAX: Our candle set is made of pure soy wax. No paraffin, no bleacher, no dye, no compromise!

WOOD WICKED: Enjoy the sound of a crackling fireplace with our candles.

STRONG SCENT & LONG BURN: Gives a lasting scent that can fill up your room. Each candle has a 24h burn time.

GIFTABLE: Comes in a beautiful floral box, ready to be given as a gift.

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