The Secret of Getting Into A Great Mood In 5 Minutes

Did you realize that your sense can impact your feelings and mood? Scents, sounds, hues, and even sunshine directly affect your behavior.

Let's take a simple example:

It's night time. You are on your bed, receiving late-night notifications and scrolling through social media with your phone. Your eyes are fixed to the phone screen. You close your eyes. How do you feel?

It's night time. You are on your bed, listening to a relaxing music while a night lamp gently dims. You are soaking in the music and the hue. You close your eyes. How do you feel?

The example above shows the power of your senses in affecting how you feel. Temperature, weather, light, scents, sounds - all of those impact your mood. 

Using your own senses to create joy

You can use your senses to focus your attention to the world around you. This is a very simple and fast method to be mindful, creating a long-lasting joy and tranquility.

1. Smell

Be aware of the smell of a flower, essential oils, your coffee, the rain, the unique scent of your partner. Can you identify the different scent profiles around you? How does the smell make you feel?

2. Sight

Gaze at a candle flame, or at any object/color/light that you can comfortably focus on. Use all your concentration to look at the details of the object. What color? Texture? Look at the details carefully. Then, close your eyes and picture the object in your mind.

3. Sound

Concentrate on the sounds around you. Perhaps the music playing in the background, the chatter, the sounds of rain. You can also create your own sound, such as "Ommm", and focus on the sound you make.

4. Taste

As you drink or eat today, take some time to observe the texture, sound and flavor of what goes inside your body. Is there sweetness to it? Saltiness? Richness? 

5. Touch

You can massage yourself one part at a time. One simple way is to rub the two palms together and put the palms to the eyes when your eyes are closed. You can also use props like yoga balls to massage your back, your spine, and anywhere else that has tension.

6. All of Your Senses

If focusing on one sensory aspect can help you to be mindful, imagine the potential in using all of your senses to be present in this moment. To activate all of your senses, you can start noticing things you can see. Then, move on to several things you can hear. After that, pay attention of any smell around you. Next, be aware of any sensation that arises in your body...including any taste inside your mouth.

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