Is there a 'perfect' time to sleep and how much sleep do you need?

"Don't sleep late, it's not good for health." That's what well-meaning people always say to me. As a startup founder sleeping early is sometimes a luxury that I cannot afford, and I often wonder, how late is late anyway? Is 11pm late? or midnight? or 2am?

Best Time to Sleep

I went on to do some research about the best time to sleep. National Sleep Foundation stated that it is best to sleep between 8pm and 12am, with the exact time depending on when you are supposed to wake up (or how much sleep you need).

Sleep Duration

So the next question is, how much sleep do you need? We made this chart below as a reference to how much sleep is recommended for different age groups:


So for me who has to wake up at 7am every day, as an adult I need 7-9 hours of sleep per night, I have to sleep between 10pm - 12am. Personally, sleeping around midnight is feasible (and still within the recommended range from National Sleep Foundation) :)

How about you? what is the perfect time for you to sleep and how much sleep do you need per night?

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Hi! I'm Michelle, founder of Miscato Limited (Aromeo Diffuser), a wellness technology company. I'm from Indonesia and currently living in Hong Kong. Contact me any time for topics related to wellness, personal care and mental health. I'm always interested to exchange ideas and meet new people :)

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