Importance of Mental Wellness to Achieve UN Development Goal 3: "Good Health and Wellbeing"

Our Role

We at Aromeo Diffuser believe that mental wellness is indispensable to have sound body and mind. We are committed to creating safe space for mental health discussion and driving awareness in communities to remove stigma around mental health. With better mental health, people are happier, healthier and more successful. As a brand committed to wellness, we also encourage our team and clients to engage in self care and healthy lifestyle.

2020 Targets:

  • Get teenagers and young adults (ages 15-29) to openly discuss about mental health, and give ad hoc support through our brand products and services.
  • Focused support for specific mental health needs such as anxiety disorders, depression, alcohol use disorders, drug use disorders.
  • Build holistic health through self care practices, exercise and nutrition.

Mental Health in Numbers

It is no surprise that mental health is not easy to measure through data or statistics, but there is one metric that can be used as an indicator: suicide mortality rate. According to WHO, suicide is the second leading cause of death for people in the 15-29 years old age bracket. 800,000 people die every year by taking their own lives; this is equivalent to 1 death every 40 seconds.

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The chart from Our World in Data above has made the point clear: suicide is just behind HIV/AIDS and ahead of Malaria in number of deaths. UN has outlined its Sustainable Development Goal 3 to include the promotion of mental health and wellbeing by 2030, although there is no defined target level of suicide reduction.

About the Author

Hi! I'm Michelle, founder of Miscato Limited (Aromeo Diffuser), a wellness technology company. I'm from Indonesia and currently living in Hong Kong. Contact me any time for topics related to wellness, personal care and mental health. I'm always interested to exchange ideas and meet new people :)

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